About us

Consultants who provide you with guidance and support

As managers of smartEDM GmbH with many years of international experience in the areas of data management, business process management, IT, supply chain management and purchasing and logistics, we provide you with extensive and expert advice. Outstanding SAP knowledge coupled with a very good knowledge of business processes are the optimum precondition for consultation in the field of enterprise data management.

We understand the language of the requester (management), implementation partner (IT) and user, and can therefore create the common understanding that is absolutely required.

Hans-Bernhard (Bernd) Wiesing

Managing director

Take advantage of our professional experience

After many years of international leadership roles and having gained a wide range of experience in the areas of IT, supply chain management, planning, purchasing, logistics and customer service, we decided to bring our acquired competencies into our own consulting company with its head office in Iserlohn, Germany.
Based on the knowledge we have acquired, we are in a position to advise you as our customer, on how the integration of business processes, application systems and data management must be carried out in order to establish an integrated enterprise information management (EIM).
Take advantage of our professional experience and the knowledge we have acquired so that you can achieve your goals quickly and sustainably (knowledge transfer).