If you implement an integrated enterprise data management (EDM) system in your company, this poses some big challenges for the whole organization and your managers. The complexity is considerable. Processes will be put to the test in all departments. Guidelines are missing. During the implementation of the EDM system, we are your competent coaching partner. Our standards, which have been tried and tested over many years, have shown time and again that support of the responsible manager is a basic element of success. We give your “data lead” the knowledge so he can manage the complex implementation with all participants in a timely manner. We impart all the know-how and methods needed to build up and manage the area of enterprise data management. This leads to a minimum expenditure of time in the data management launch process. Working together with your manager, we focus on the topics of data management, data governance and data quality. In the management of data, we are happy to support you as a partner as you elaborate on respective management strategies. Generally, data volumes continue to grow rapidly. To ensure data integrity and proper management of your data, we provide your manager with the required knowledge in data governance.

Data governance offers rules for the orientation and control of data management in the enterprise. The goals are the optimization of business processes and the minimization of risks. Measurable control mechanisms and clear rules must be developed. We provide the manager with reliable methods for the management and monitoring of the legal rules and compliance specifications. Rules lay out who is responsible for what information. The data is to be stored safely and consistently and in such a way that it is easily accessible. This involves defining the strategic information management across the entire life cycle of the respective master data. This takes place using interdisciplinary approaches with all departments of the enterprise occupied with the management and output of data.
As a rule the guidelines are not static but adapt to changing requirements. In the area of data quality, the manager ensures that master data is produced to a high quality standard over the long term and that it remains available. Good data quality is always the basis for your sound business decisions. This way you achieve competitive advantages. The quality of your data has a direct influence on the productivity and efficiency in your company. As your expert partner, we lend your manager our support, based on our extensive experience, for as long as you want. We gradually withdraw as soon as implementation of the EDM has been successfully completed and your manager can run the area unassisted.