Data management

One of the most valuable and at the same time most sensitive resources in every company is data; in particular the master data of your customers, suppliers and products. In the era of “Big Data,” “Industry 4.0” and “The Internet of Things,” it is a matter of common knowledge that data accumulates in very large quantities and can be very complex and short-lived, and that these huge volumes of data should be managed with a sophisticated data management concept. Accordingly we offer you, based on our extensive experience and know-how in the data area, top-quality solutions such as our “master data validation” application for the validation of data. Together we will develop strategies designed to last several years and implement all important roles and responsibilities according to the principles of data governance. It is only through high quality data that smooth and successful execution of your business processes can be ensured. This lends you an important competitive edge over other companies both nationally and internationally. Place your trust in us and increase your success as a result of our support.

Since data management is seldom a one-and-done, but an ongoing process, it requires continuous maintenance. Our experts can also help you in this with intelligent project management solutions. These projects include data migration, consolidation of the system environment, standardization/harmonization of master data and relocations, among other things. We also implement ERP or SAP systems at the highest level for you.

To perfectly prepare you for the future and ensure you can handle data with a high degree of confidence, we can also provide you with coaching in the organization and management of data in line with the principles of data governance, data quality and data management. Our competent coaches, with you by their side, build up a top-quality data management organization step by step with minimum expenditure of time and effort, and exactly to your specifications.

If you are interested in our services regarding master data validation, please do not hesitate to download our free white paper as a PDF file or reach out to one of our experts for professional advice.